Our Family Law Philosophy

We are not your typical Family Law firm. We recognize that in domestic and family law disputes, it's typically only the lawyers that win. The fees are outrageous, the process is extremely stressful, and the longer disputes drag on, the more the parties dig in, refuse to compromise, and the fighting intensifies. In cases where children are involved, this negative cycle destroys the ability for the litigants to coparent, and the kids suffer the most.

There is a ton of money to be made by intensifying the antipathy between the parties, and most lawyers we encounter are more than happy to fuel the fire and keep the tab running. We actively reject this practice and look for practical and effective solutions to build functional relationships between former spouses, eliminate excessive litigation, and keep attorney fees to a minimum.

In child custody and support cases, the overarching legal principle Is "the best Interest of the child(ren)" and we take that to heart. The kids didn't create the problem, but they have to live with It. In most situations, kids are benefitted by having a significant relationship with both parents -- even If the parents aren't perfect. And the less those parents fight, and can create a peaceful and positive environment for their kids the better. So we start with that goal In mind, and work backwards to establish a framework for positive and sustainable coparenting. We look for ways to repair bonds, rather than looking for reasons to fight.

We know this approach isn't for everyone. Some people just want a lawyer that will run their former spouse or partner Into the ground. If that's your game-plan, we're probably not the right law firm for you. But we are a firm built on solving problems and improving lives, and we carry that philosophy into our family law practice. 

We have served numerous clients who spent years In heavy litigation, running up massive legal bills and getting nowhere. With these clients, we were able to step in, lower the temperature, facilitate collaboration, and help restore harmony. If you are dealing with a divorce, child custody, support, or visitation matter, and are interested In finding a path forward to build a better environment for your family, and not spend the next decade fighting in court and draining your bank account, we invite you to schedule a free consultation and learn more about why our approach to family law is so effective. 

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