Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

Our firm enjoys a strong reputation for achieving exceptional results in criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies in State and Federal Court. We are also experts In quasi-criminal matters such as Domestic Violence and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. 

personal injury & Tort Litigation

Since 2015, our firm has been helping victims personal injury battle insurance companies to obtain compensation for the full extent of their losses, including pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills, property damage, and future losses and complications.

professional license defense & Administrative Law

Our attorneys excel in protecting clients' professional licenses from suspension, termination, and the imposition of unfair terms and conditions imposed by oversight boards. Over the years we've helped doctors, lawyers, nurses and therapists keep their licenses and continue serving their communities.

Civil litigation & Corporate  GovernanCE

We guide our clients through every twist and turn of business ownership and practice. From forming corporations and LLCs and drafting operating agreements and bylaws to filing trademarks and preparing and reviewing crucial contracts, to litigating disputes that may arise down the road, we handle the legal side of things so our clients can focus on their business.


Although we didn't start out as a family law practice, our holistic approach to solving problems and improving our client's  lives, naturally extended to resolving complex divorce and child custody matters for existing clients. Through our approach of focusing on resolving underlying issues and pursuing long-term sustainable solutions, rather than incessant squabbling over menial matters, we have guided numerous clients through difficult and emotional dilemmas while saving them substantial time, energy, and money.


We love simplifying our client's lives and helping them safeguard their futures. That's why, starting in 2020, we began applying our philosophy of simplified, functional, and logical contract drafting, to preparing Wills and Trusts. Most Estate Planning firms use one-size-fits-all software to plug in basic Client information and have boilerplate forms automatically generated. The problem we continue to see with this approach Is that for templates to cover every potential scenario, they have to be bloated with irrelevant and convoluted language. We take a more focused purpose-based approach. 

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