Administrative Law

When a branch of the government other than a prosecutor takes some action against a citizen, the proceedings are typically handled through an administrative court. The most common ones are the DMV (which can seek to suspend or terminate driver licenses) and Social Security (which can seek to reduce or terminate benefits). Our firm has a winning history of fighting back against these administrative agencies to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients. 

Administrative issues can often arise in tandem with criminal or civil  lawsuits. If you are charged with a DUI -- or even if you just have too many speeding tickets -- you'll not only have to face criminal/traffic charges in court, but will also have to defend your driving privilege against a DMV action. Unlike traditional courts of law, though, administrative agencies don't have to prove their case "beyond a reasonable doubt," but rather by a preponderance of the evidence, which is a much lower threshold, meaning these agencies can take drastic action against you much more easily. 

Having an attorney on your side that understands the intricacies of administrative law and the interplay between your court case and the admin case can make all the difference in protecting your rights and privileges.

Professional License Protection

For individuals that possess a professional license, such as Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Dentists, and Therapists, the specific oversight board for that particular Industry can exercise nearly absolute power over suspending, terminating, or imposing probationary conditions on the licenses of its members. The most common reason for instituting license revocation proceedings is substance abuse. Rather than assist these professionals with treatment, the default position is often to take away their license and destroy their career -- even if there is no evidence of drinking on the job or allowing substance use to affect job performance. 

We are one of the few law firms in the Southern California region with expertise in handling these types of cases. Through years of experience we have established relationships with the licensing boards and the Attorneys General that represent them -- and we've established a comprehensive plan of attack for our professional license clients. 

If you hold a professional license and an oversight board is threatening to revoke or suspend it, we'd love to help. Give us a call today, or send us a message below to schedule a consultation. 

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